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What We Do

Our Services

We deliver a range of services to connect brands and consumers, helping you realise your goals.
Building and retaining client relationships is our top priority, and our results-driven process aims to unlock commercial value for rights holders and stakeholders through sustainable brand entrenchment.

Sponsorship Procurement

We act on behalf of rights holders during procurement processes.
Through our extensive network, we build brand partnerships by matching sponsors with relevant, strategic rights holders, ensuring effective brand messaging.

Sponsorship Management

Our target is to build and maintain relationships between brands,
rights holders and stakeholders to ensure commercial gain, community impact and sustainable brand entrenchment.

Commercial Rights Packages

Offering direction with how commercial rights are being packaged, profiled and sold, we can ensure mutual benefits for all stakeholders.
We are able to assist by packaging commercial rights so sponsors have a clear indication of how their brand will be showcased according to their funding.

Media Management

We provide turnkey planning, implementing and reporting on media and content strategies for sports and entertainment events, tournaments and projects.

Sponsorship Leveraging Strategies

As part of our service offering, we develop strategic sponsorship leveraging strategies for both sponsors and rights holders.
Through our extensive media and communication resources and experience, we ensure targeted messaging and a wide reach to ensure a valuable return for sponsors through brand awareness.

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