Goal Getters campaign

SASHOC’s Goal Getters Campaign Sets New Standards for School Hockey

South African Schools Hockey (SASHOC) has launched a pioneering campaign, “Goal Getters,” aimed at enriching the experience of players, parents, fans, and the broader South African schools’ hockey community. Rooted in SASHOC’s core values, the initiative seeks to significantly enhance the sport while nurturing the dreams and aspirations of young athletes.

Under the guidance of SASHOC Chairman, Wendell Domingo, “Goal Getters” promises not only to refine players’ skills but also to amplify their enjoyment of the game.

“We’re thrilled to introduce ‘Goal Getters,’ a campaign that empowers young athletes to dream big, set ambitious goals, and ultimately, to score goals both on and off the field,” remarked Wendell Domingo.

“Goal Getters” represents a transformative journey toward excellence and goal achievement. It transcends mere campaign status; it embodies the commitment to elevate every SASHOC player. By equipping individuals with the tools for excellence, we guide them on a path toward surpassing personal bests.

Aligned with the fundamental principles of SASHOC, the campaign aims to elevate the overall experience of stakeholders within the South African schools’ hockey community. Through strategic partnerships, enhanced training programs, and community engagement efforts, SASHOC endeavours to foster an environment where every participant can thrive.

Additionally, SASHOC will soon announce esteemed ambassadors, including SA National Hockey players. These ambassadors will serve as living examples of dedication and perseverance, inspiring players to persist in their dreams.

For more information, visit SASHOC’s website and follow SASHOC on Facebook and SASHOCKEY on Instagram.


An affiliate member of the South African Hockey Association (SAHA), the South African Schools Hockey Association (SASHOC) is a regulatory board which promotes, upholds, supports, controls and maintains rules for all schoolgirls and schoolboys playing hockey in South Africa. Laying the foundation in hockey development at the school level in South Africa and ensuring that there is opportunity to maintain the growth of the game, will ensure that Hockey will continue to grow from strength to strength. SASHOC also firmly believes that transformation plays an important role in our organization achieving its goals.

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