GLRU Unveils Official Website: Enhancing access to the community

Johannesburg, South Africa [23 April 2024] – The Golden Lions Rugby Union (GLRU) is proud to announce the launch of its new website, marking a significant step forward in enhancing engagement and extending its reach within the rugby community. This initiative is part of the GLRU’s ongoing efforts to support and elevate rugby at all levels, including club rugby, youth rugby, school rugby, women’s rugby, development, and referees.

The newly unveiled digital platform centralizes information and resources, making it significantly easier for players, coaches, fans, and officials to find schedules, results, guidelines, and developmental programs. This is a step forward in the GLRU’s mission to make rugby more accessible and enjoyable for the community it serves.

Neville Jardine, President of the Golden Lions Rugby Union, expressed his enthusiasm for the new website, stating, “By launching this new website, we aim to streamline access to information and resources for our rugby community and foster a deeper connection with our players. It’s a pivotal step towards enhancing the visibility of rugby in our region and engaging with our audience in a more meaningful way.”

A standout feature of the website is the dedicated section for the Bestmed Golden Lions Rugby Referees’ Society. This inclusion emphasizes the union’s commitment to supporting every aspect of the game, including the vital role referees play. Richard Schwulst, Chairman of the Bestmed Golden Lions Rugby Referees’ Society, stated, “The inclusion of a dedicated space for our referees on the GLRU website is an advancement we welcome with open arms. It offers immediate access to a wealth of resources and serves as a testament to the union’s support for the continuous improvement and professional development of rugby officiating.”

With the launch of this new website, the GLRU aims to bolster the advancement of rugby in the region, enhancing its visibility and ensuring it remains a sport that is accessible and enjoyable for all involved. The union invites the rugby community to explore the website and take advantage of the available resources.

For more information and to explore the new website, please visit

About the Golden Lions Rugby Union (GLRU)

The Golden Lions Rugby Union (GLRU) governs rugby union activities in the City of Johannesburg and the West Rand of Johannesburg. It manages community-level rugby and serves as a shareholder of the Lions Professional Franchise. It plays a crucial role in nurturing talent and facilitating the progression of players from community to professional rugby.

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